Mycah & Mooshie

Kim came in to my life 4 years ago and has been an integral part since day one.  My dogs are my children and like everyone else...I want the very best for them.  She comes every day of the week to walk my Great Danes and gives a detailed note regarding their visit, activities, and a poo report!  Many days I will get pictures via text of my girls at the park playing or lounging in the sun.  Kim is more than a caregiver of the girls...we have bonded and forged a friendship and I don’t think you could ever meet a more genuine or  sincere person.  She is funny, kind, and warm....everything you would want in a friend.  I am honored that she is in my life and takes such great care of me and my girls. 

Having her in my life has eased the stress and strain I had when taking my dogs to daycare.  Are they getting enough playtime?  Is a unsupervised dog bullying my shy Mycah?  Are they getting water?  Are they getting attention?  Are they happy?  To have that burden lifted has been indescribable.  I leave home knowing that Kim will be there in a few short hours and my girls will be loved and exercised. Her notes are handwritten and thorough, with funny comments and observations included.

The most sincere thanks come from my girls..when we visit Kim or see her out and about they go crazy with excitement.  Dogs cannot lie and mine are shouting loud and clear that they love Kim and the care and concern she provides.

Victoria, Mycah, and Mooshie



About a year and a half ago I spontaneously got a dog for the first time.  My 19y/o cat passed away and my other 2 cats were younger and could handle the transition (I hoped).  Found my puppy on the internet and traveled to get her the following night.  That’s how Ruby and then Kim came into my life!  Because it was spontaneous, I didn’t have much time to find a dog walker.  I started looking online, but they were all strangers and that made me nervous.  They would have free reign in my house.  A friend at work told me about Kim and how great she is with dogs and the rest is history!  Kim is the best and Ruby and I are so lucky to have her.  She is so reliable.  She has helped me so much.  Ruby is a happy dog and better trained because of her time with Kim.  She has even taken on my cats when I’m on vacation ( which means litter boxes!).  She does lots of extra stuff like bring in my packages and my garbage bins and even clean up kitty vomit. Yuck!  I am very thankful and I should say it everyday!  Thanks so much!!    Love Jeanne     Love and Lots of kisses from Ruby



Where do I even begin???!!!  My Sawyer was born with an extra helping of anxiety along with some GI issues.  Not only has Miss Kim been patient, loving & understanding with him, she also has put up with me, his crazy Momma!  Since I work 12-hr shifts, Sawyer goes to doggie daycare and Miss Kim picks him up in the evening, brings him home, feeds him, and most importantly gives him love.  Transporting Sawyer is not an easy task!  She has been a part of our lives for a few years now and is also a big part of the reason he is improving!  I think most of us pet-parents are extra protective of our babies because they can’t really stick up for themselves.  I wouldn’t (and can’t!) trust Sawyer with most people.  Working in healthcare, Miss Kim is so flexible with my changing schedule.  There is no way I could mention all the little extra things she does for him (and me too!) – the notes, the quick responses to text messages & emails, the selfies, she even looks in on him at daycare when it’s not even her day to be there with him!  I have, and will continue to recommend her!  She truly has a heart of gold.



Laddie, my Golden Retriever, absolutely LOVES Kim & her dogs (especially George). I leave Laddie at Kim’s house whenever I have to leave town for a couple days or go on an extended vacation. I NEVER worry about Laddie when he’s with Kim because I know he is in very capable & caring hands ( and she sends me pictures of him!) 

Love On a Leash is the BEST!!!


Toby &Halle

Kim is a gem! We use Love on a Leash on a weekly basis and our pups are always happy and calm when we arrive home. I especially love the selfies she sends while visiting and loving up our sweeties! She is organized, accommodates our schedules, and responds to texts and emails in a timely manner.  Kim is a wonderful caring human who loves pets…what more can pet parents ask for?

 Heather and Luke Pasterski



We really wanted to get a puppy but our  8 to 4, five-day-a-week work schedules weren’t favorable for raising a puppy. Leaving a new puppy alone for 8 or 9  hours every weekday would be too hard on the little guy, certainly with no potty break. Then, we heard about Kim from a friend and our dream of having a puppy became feasible. We’ve had Rudy just about a year now. Kim comes during the week while we’re at work and walks him and plays with him. We feel great knowing Rudy is being loved and well taken care of by her. Kim helped make our dream come true!


Zoe & Bailey

After we moved to Green Bay, we needed to find someone to help take care of our two older American Eskimos - at the time Bailey was 15, and Zoe was 12. We both have to travel for work a couple times a year, but in the past always had family nearby who would take care of our dogs. Being new to this area, we were anxious to find someone who could help us with our girls. When we found Kim's website with a photo of an American Eskimo on her home page, it felt like a sign that this was going to be a perfect fit.

Our girls had complete opposite personalities; we got Bailey as a young pup, and she always loved everyone she met. Zoe  is another story - she is a rescue who had been mistreated, so tends to be very suspicious of all people, and when stressed turns into a barking, snarling, anxious ball of fur - although interestingly enough loves being with other dogs.

Kim put me at ease during our first phone call, talking about her love for Eskies, so I was hopeful when she came over to meet our girls. She spent a lot of time getting to know them, and took detailed notes about their personalities, habits, and daily routines. She was unfazed by Zoe's behavior, telling me she would win Zoe over, and all would be ok while we were gone. I was pleasantly surprised to get both text updates about her visits, and have written notes about the girls when we got home. Kim even asked me to send her a text when we returned from our trip, so if our plane was late she could make an extra stop at our house. Talk about service! To say Kim has been a godsend doesn't come close to describing the relief and assurance that our furbabies are well taken care of when we are gone.

We've been using Kim's service for three years now. Our Bailey has passed on, but Kim continues to help us with Zoe, who is now 15. She has even brought with her dear little Yuki with on her visits to help with Zoe's stress level (remember, Zoe loves other dogs, just not people). We feel so fortunate to have Kim in our lives, and even have nicknamed her "The Dog Whisperer Of Green Bay". I highly recommend her services.


Dutch & Dartanian

Love on a Leash is a dream come true.  Kim provides exceptional care four days/week for my two king charles cavalier spaniels.  She is very attentive to their needs and keeps me in the know about any changes she observes in their health or personalities  It’s a weight off my shoulders not having the pressure to get home every day at noon to let them out or rush home immediately after work.  I very much appreciate Kim’s level of professionalism — everything from making sure my dogs are up to date on their shots to having the proper paperwork from me in case of an emergency to providing a backup dog walker when she is sick or on vacation.  Kim goes the extra mile by leaving daily reports and sometimes, even texting a selfie.  It’s evident she loves my dogs as much as I do! Kelly


Chace & Piper

Hi! We are Piper and Chace. Each day our mom and dad leave the house claiming they have to earn money to pay for our food. For a while, mom would come home around noon and let us pee really quick before she rushed back to work. Maybe she would throw the ball once or twice, or rub our bellies in the warm summer sunshine, but usually she was hurrying us along.  THEN! Kim started coming over. And life became even more awesome than having the whole house to ourselves all day. While we look forward to sleeping wherever we want, we really look forward to rubbing our snot-filled noses on the front windows when we hear Kim’s car pull into the driveway. Not only does she let us take our time to go potty, she throws our ball lots of times too (that is, if we are in the mood, and the grass isn’t too wet, and it isn’t raining, or some other weird reason we can’t explain). And then the best part: Cuddle Time. We go inside and sit on our favorite couch on top of Kim while she gives us all sorts of love and attention and treats. She takes lots of pictures of us and sends them to mom which makes mom happy.  The only downside is that Kim leaves a report card for mom and dad to read about our behavior. Every. Darn. Day. When mom leaves in the morning, she always reminds us to “listen to Kim and no falderal”. Good thing we remember to behave pretty well because we love Kim coming over to play with us. Mom and dad have never yelled at us about the report cards, so Kim probably just writes boring stuff like whether we poo or not (why is everyone so concerned about whether or not we poo?).  One day per week we usually we go to school (aka: doggy daycare) to give Kim some rest from all that cuddling. But there are some weeks where the day changes, or she comes over TWO TIMES in one day (that’s usually when mom and dad leave early or get home late). She is really flexible and that seems to make mom and dad happy.   We love our daily visits with Kim!   Heidi




Kim, We Cannot thank you enough for taking care of little Andi over the last year. We never doubted she was in great hands. I know she loved seeing you & will definitely miss you! We will certainly let you know if we need your services in the future. Thank you again! Meghan, Russ & Andi



Kim started walking my dog almost a year ago.  She is a wonderful person and is fantastic with my dog Chicka.  She never batted an eye or treated my dog any differently because she's a pit-bull.  She comes rain, sun, or 30 below!!  She's always happy to see my doggy and my doggy waits, sometimes impatiently, at the window watching for her like clockwork.  My dog always comes home a happy dog and of course that makes me happy.  Wish I had found Kim sooner and highly recommend her to anyone with any pet.  Not only is my Chicka happy now but I am sure any future dog I may have will love her too!!

Teddy & Gabe


“Kim exceeded my expectations and provides great, attentive personal service for my two boy Mastiffs. My boys immediately took to Kim when she came to meet them. I was immediately impressed with how well she listened about my dogs’ needs. She was very thorough and professional. Even though letting my dog out in the yard would have been enough, she asked if they liked walks and about treats and toys for playing outside. My boys were happy and calm when I return from vacation.. If Kim is available, I will never board them again. On top of all this, the house was exactly how I left it and she sent me pictures and texts while I was away to reassure me my boys were well. I appreciate everything Kim does and would recommend Love on a Leash to anyone.”



Dear Auntie Kim (can I call you Auntie?)  This is Murphy and I want to thank you for taking care of me while my Mom went camping.  I really liked it when you woke me up in the morning and tucked me in at night and of course all the visits in between with the walks and cuddle time! My Mom loved the text messages letting her know I was OK (she's kind of a worrier) and loved the note you left with my picture when she returned home. And she was so surprised and thankful that you watered her plants, she said something about above and beyond!   I loved being able to stay at home where I feel safe and sleep on Mom's bed all day! And Mom said she knew I would be safe, well cared for and even loved in her absence ... and I was.   Thank you! I hope to see you again real soon!  Paw, paw, paw :) Love Murphy (and his Mom, Roxanne)



Dear Kim, Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for taking such good care of Sadie. You really seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to dogs. I will surely recommend you to my friends. It is hard to find someone so dependable and caring, it allowed me to completely relax on my European vacation.  Thank you again!  Ellen

AJ & Frannie


I learned about Kim after reading an article in the local paper about Pet Sitters International. I was considering boarding my two labradoodles during a family vacation, but thought I would give Kim a call first. I am so glad I did. She was amazing. After talking with her by phone, she scheduled an appointment to come out and meet me and more importantly our dogs, Frannie and AJ! I was so impressed, I booked with her on the spot. She clearly loves dogs and knows what she is doing! For a week, she came four times per day and let the dogs out, cuddled and played with them, and sent updates with photos daily. She even provided a little extra TLC to AJ during a bad storm.  I think our dogs were actually a little disappointed to see us instead of Kim when we got home.  I will never think about boarding my dogs again! I highly recommend Love on a Leash - I would not hesitate to book her again. Great service and value.

Molly & Maya

Dear 2 legged friends, My mom contacted Kim when we kept getting sick at doggy daycare. Diarrhea in two Great Danes is a big mess! Kim was only supposed to walk us a day or two a week.. but after 2 visits, our mom decided we were happier with seeing Kim everyday ! We love our daily routine.... Kim walks us no matter what the weather, and is always dressing us up or down in our coats so we are comfortable. Our brother Jonah is 12 years old and gets cold easily.....since he is a Maltese, Kim puts him in her coat so he stays warm smile emoticon She also adjusts her visit times to accommodate our mom's schedule, and will give us medicine if we need it. Our mom can see the care and concern Kim has for us by the detailed note she leaves after every visit. Just think...a note every time we poop!! Talk about detail oriented!  The BEST part about Kim? She gives us all her love and loves getting our puppy kisses!!    We sure love Kim and we are sure you will too!   Sincerely, Molly, Maya, and Jonah



My wife and I recently moved to Green Bay and started new jobs.  We were working long days at the start and it was tough to leave the dog home alone so much.  It seemed like a daunting task to find a new dog walker in a new town where we did not know anyone.  Luckily, a coworker (and fellow dog lover) highly recommended Kim and Love On A Leash.  We reached out to Kim and heard back within a few hours.  She came over to meet our dog and it was evident right away that she was a "dog person."  We can't imagine what things would be like without her.  We have even kept appointments with Kim on days when we're unexpectedly home, just because it's fun to see our dog go bonkers when she comes to the door.  Not many people get that reaction from our dog.  And that is the only testimonial we need! Thanks, Kim!  Mike & Nicole


Lilly, Velvet & Tulip


Kim We wanted to thank you for the exceptional care you provided to our canine family while on vacation!  We felt so much comfort knowing you were taking care of them.  We received a testimonial from a neighbor regarding your services but certainly were not expecting all that you did which included ensuring comfort for them and easing their anxiety.  The updates and pictures were really above and beyond anything we were expecting. The fact that you took the extra time needed to ensure each dog did not miss a meal by hand feeding 2 out of 3 is extraordinary and appreciated.  Also, thanks for all the walks, even in an April snow storm! It is so nice knowing someone so professional, kind, and dedicated.  All the girls miss you too!  Jed and Katie A. Kathy B.  PS Also, forgot to mention the Welcome Home Letter, we know that took some time but was so nice to come home knowing a little more detail about how it went for them and hearing someone else describe and recognize each, distinct personality was heartwarming

Grace, Max & Otis


I was referred to Kim by my daughter, who is a high school classmate and friend of Kim's.  In July I needed a pet sitter for my two miniature schnauzers and my daughter's miniature schnauzer.  I called Kim who came to my home before she was to  sit and met my dogs.  I could tell, by the way she interacted with them and their acceptance of her, that she was a true dog lover.  She went through her qualifications and what she would do for me and my dogs.  She was very thorough gathering all the pertinent information for her to step in and care for my dogs as I would.  She came to my house three or four times a day to feed and/or walk them.  One afternoon it was very hot and humid when she tried to walk them and so she came back  later that evening and walked them when it was cooler.  In addition, she sent me messages, with photos, keeping me up to date on their well being.  She also watched my house, took in mail, fed the birds, and watered my plants.  I was very impressed with Kim, so much so, I have recommended her to a number of my friends.  One friend used her a few weeks ago and she was, also, very well pleased.  I will continue to recommend Kim as a super dog sitter.    Sincerely,  Ruth

Kessy & Bella


We recently spent nine days away from home and our aging golden Kessy  and newly adopted stray tabby Bella. On word of mouth from friends we called Kim  to inquire about her service. She was prompt and professional in her reply and  suggested an in home meet and greet/appointment before making a decision. She  again was prompt and professional for the appointment and we could quickly tell  she truly is an animal lover. We decided to utilize her service. Kim exceeded our expectations by texting updates and photos of the pets, she watered our plants and even handled trash duties. Even more impressive was the fact that Kim noticed a golf ball had broken one of our windows while we were gone. She called to inform us, took photos and documented the date and time she discovered. She went as far as to check that it was just the exterior pane broken and assured us there were no internal leaks. Suffice to say, Kim went above and beyond in not only giving us peace of mind with our pets, but also our home. We will without question utilize her services on our next trip away and have and will continue to recommend to friends.



Kim,  Wow, Awesome, Wonderful :)  Words just can't express how grateful we are for the wonderful care you gave Tilly while we were away. The precise detail you always gave was more than we expected. We hope you will come back many times to visit & take care of Tilly in the future. You will be highly recommended  :)  Love, Keith, Dawn & Tilly

Harlie, Moose & Raina


I honestly can't say enough good things about Love on a Leash.  Kim cares for my dogs on a regular basis, and it's obvious how much she truly enjoys her time with them.  She sends me pictures and texts during some of her visits, and always leaves a detailed note for me regarding how the visit went.  If there are any concerns Kim will immediately call me; she even sat with one of my dogs for over an hour to ensure the dog didn't have an allergic reaction to a wasp sting!  Lastly, the business is run in a very professional manner - this was very important to me in my search for pet care. I would highly recommend Love on a Leash to anyone - you won't be disappointed!  Christine

Sophie & Roxy


Dear Kim,  Words can not express how grateful we are that we found you to take care of our Sophie and Roxy. I knew when I met you that you were a very genuine and sincere person. Your love for my girls was apparent when I saw you interacting with them. You asked so many important questions and wrote everything down. It was obvious that you are so thorough and wanted to know everything about my girls so that they would have the best of care while I was gone. The texts and pictures you sent me daily was amazing. I have never met someone that I trust so much with my girls. The love, attention, and care you gave them was heartfelt. You are an AMAZING person Kim, we are so thankful that we have you available to care for Sophie and Roxy. God Bless



It took me two years to decide going back and forth wether I should get a dog or not. I did a lot of research on how I can possibly take care of a puppy with my work schedule and traveling. And then I met KIM!!!! She was recommended to me by my lovely coworker Victoria. I must say she is like "heaven sent". She takes care of my little Isabel like her own. Isabel get so excited to see her every time i drop her off for boarding. When I'm away for a trip or working 24hours she sends me messages and pictures of Isabel which never fails to put a smile on my face. I highly recommend love a a leash pet care service. I cannot imagine having somebody else taking care of my fury baby.  Mei



We utilized Kim's services with our beloved 12 year old cockapoo, Carrot, for three weeks while we were overseas. Carrot was recently diagnosed with entire blindness, and we were very nervous regarding her care during our long time abroad. Kim was beyond excellent with Carrot, so gentle, loving and professional. We loved receiving the frequent updates/pics! I would very highly recommend Kim's services, and will definitely be relying on Kim again for future needs! ❤️.  Leslie Kocha and Thomas Seifert

Jesse,Jock & Jenna


When I need someone to take care of my three dogs I trust Kim completely. She  has a genuine love for dogs that is very obvious and honest. She truly enjoys  playing with the dogs and is willing to get right down on the floor to be with  them. I know I can depend on her to follow through on her appointments and  she reports to me about how the dogs did while I was gone which I appreciate  knowing. She charges a fair price and is willing to make sure that the dogs  are taken care of until she knows that I will definitely be home. She is trustworthy to be in my house and take care of any problems that may arise.  The dogs love her and are excited to see her. Loma



Hi Kim, I just wanted to thank you so much for taking such  good care of Steve while we were gone and especially for sending the photos of him while in your care; it gave me such a peace of mind to know that he was in such kind, caring,   responsible hands. THANK YOU!!!



We Are so happy to have found Kim. She's the Dr. Doolittle of dogs. Buddy loves taking walks with Kim and her dogs.  Kathy



“Love on a Leash” was the most wonderful care we had for our Yorkie while we were away. Kim is so compassionate and caring; I did not hesitate to leave him with her.  Joan

Keelie, Lexi & Latte

We moved back to Wisconsin and needed to find a pet sitter in our area. After much research we met with Kim and knew that she was the right fit. Our dogs are like our kids and you could tell how much Kim loved animals.  She is thorough and responsible for their care.  She keeps us informed by sending pictures (great to see pics when we are away), texts, and notes.    Bob and Pam



Kim is a very loving caretaker of my dog! She is easy going and  enjoys the personality of various pets. She is knowledgeable, reliable & flexible; and makes my dog feel very welcomed. My dog was becoming stressed at the kennel, and while they were nice, the loving care by Kim is hard to beat!  Therese



Both my husband and I work long hours and  sometimes it’s impossible to get away to take care of our dogs – especially  mid-day. We’ve also at times have had our dogs undergo various surgeries; this can be extremely stressful for us because we can’t simply stay home with them during these times.   It’s been a blessing to have Kim assist us many  times in both situations. Kim has great experience with animals and relates to  them very well. She is knowledgeable about various health and temperament issues which is also a real plus. We trust her with our dogs and they enjoy her company as well.  Sue Chenault