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Vacation Care

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Vacation care service provides a healthy, stress-free environment for your pets. They get to stay in the comfort of their own home and do what they normally do. They are able to rest in their favorite spots, and play with their favorite toys. If you have never tried a service like this before it may be hard for you to think of your pet at home alone while you travel. Yes, they do sense something is different because you’re not there but our visits are designed around their normal schedule. So when your Pup is looking for you to play, eat or go potty we show up with the perfect one-on-one attention they so deserve.  Your Best Friend (and now mine) will  be: 

*Fed according to their normal schedule . 

*Receive fresh water every visit, and treats if allowed

*Walked regularly

*Lots of playtime –we’ll roll around, run, and laugh!  

*Love and affection 

*Administer vitamins, medication or injections  

*Litter or cage maintained '

*Clean-up any “accidents” should they occur. 

*Basic grooming. 

*And, of course, anything and everything you do for your pet at anytime. 

 I will also take care of your home. I will rotate your lights each visit, bring in your mail and newspapers, open and close shades, water the plants, take the trash out….. anything you need me to do is no problem. I am also big on communication so you will receive plenty of text messages with photos attached to help ease your mind. You may call me at anytime; I would feel better knowing you are comfortable while you travel. When you return a  detailed report on their behavior  will be waiting for you as well. 

Best of all, you will come home to a happy and healthy pet who was obviously very well taken care of. 

* Because of possible travel delays, please let me know as soon as possible if your arrival time has changed. I will provide ONLY the care for your pet for the original planned travel period. If extra care is needed, I will continue care as my schedule allows and you will be billed for the additional time when you return home.   

* Homes with more than 2 animals, puppies, or special needs pets will be subject to an additional fee to compensate for additional time required to properly care for your pet(s). 

*Holiday visits will be by reservation only, hours of service is subject to change for all Major Holidays. An additional fee of $7.00 single visit or $13.00 per Vacation Care Day. Because my time is at a premium around the holidays, a small charge has been added to compensate your sitter on days surrounding holidays as well. See the Policies page for specific  holiday information.