By using my services and signing the service contract, you the client consents that ALL policies have been read and all of the contents are completely understood  and agreed upon by you. You the client acknowledge that I (Love on a Leash Dog  Walker LLC) have limited liability regarding certain incidents that may occur while your pet is in my care. I (Love on a Leash LLC) reserve the right to supply services to anyone.




This a very important step for you, your pet and myself. It must take place in person at your home prior to any services. This is a time for all of us to meet and get to know each other, please be prepared to do some paperwork &  let me know about your care instructions.


I require all pets in my care to be current on vaccinations. Clients are required to show proof of Rabies, and DHLPP for each dog, and Rabies for cats.

Veterinary Records & Release Form

An up-to-date record from your vet showing your pet(s) are current on all vaccinations are required at time of consultation or before any services are   given. I will also ask you at this time to sign a vet release form allowing me to seek medical assistance for your pet, if necessary, while you are away.


Please be prepared to give me a key at the Consultation. There will be no identifying information kept with your key. There will be a $25.00 fee for a “lock out” service if you need to call me in the event you get locked out of your home.    Cancellation Policy for year round, full time daily dog walking clients:  I ask for as much notice as possible when cancelling or changing regularly scheduled daily visits. When notification occurs: No notification: 100% of  sitting fee is due Up to day of, without rescheduling: 50% is due Up to day of,  rescheduling during same week: no cancellation fee

Service Agreement

My Service Agreement verifying services and your payment for services must be signed prior to any services rendered.

Cancellation Policy

I ask for as much notice as possible when cancelling or changing regularly scheduled daily or vacation visits. When notification occurs: No notification: 100% of  sitting fee is due!!!! 

Up to day of, without rescheduling: 50% is due. Up to day of,  rescheduling during same week: no cancellation fee.

Policies Continued


Multiple Household Pets

When an additional pet from another household is brought into your home for Vacation Care a second set of paperwork is required. NO service will not be provided  without a second Service Agreement, Veterinarian Release Form, and vaccination records. The pet from the second household will be charged at 50% the normal rate for the care of their pet. This arrangement must be agreed upon in advance and only if the pets are compatible ‘room mates’.

Job Share

I reserve the right to decline care for pet(s) when someone else will be looking in on them. Communication problems can occur and your pets care could be an issue, such as no feedings or double feedings, missed visits, or in correct dosages of medications. Home security issues can also arise if the home was not left properly secured.A signed waiver must be filled out.


An  additional holiday fee of $7.00 per single visit or $13.00 per Vacation Care day will be assessed on the following days: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter Sunday, 4thof July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after  Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve day. Select days surrounding these holidays will also have an additional charge of $2.00 per single visit or $6.00 per Vacation Care day. You will be informed of any additional charges at time of bookings.

Health & Hygiene

If your pet(s) becomes ill and requires the care of a veterinarian, or if for any reason it becomes necessary to bathe your pet(s), or clean up any exceptionally messy messes, while in my care, 'time added' rates and Taxi fee rates may apply for any additional time required.


In the event of your pets emergency I will make every effort to contact you from the numbers you have given me for yourself or emergency contacts. However, if I am unable to reach anyone I will seek emergency veterinary care for your pet(s). 

Pet owners are responsible for all fees related to emergency care and treatment as stated in the Veterinary Release Form.


For your pet’s safety, my safety & the safety of others, all dogs will be leashed during outdoor walks. For my safety and your pets safety, I will not walk dogs on retractable leashes.

Policies Continued


Cancellation Policy Vacation Care

Sometimes plans change, I ask you to notify me of any change in service as soon as  possible. When notified of a cancellation: 0-24 hours notice: 50% of the total reservation bill will be applied to your account for future services.  2-7 days notice: 20% of the total reservation bill will be applied to your account for future services. 8  or more days notice: no cancellation fee and your initial deposit will be  credited to your account for future services. *I am unable to offer refunds or service credits when you the client return early during the course of a pet sitting reservation.

Disaster / Weather Related Event

Please make arrangements with a neighbor or family member to evacuate your pet in the case of a disaster or weather emergency. I will do everything possible to ensure the safety of your pet but cannot guarantee it under these circumstances.

Home Security

Please inform me if anyone other than myself will be in your home during your absence. If things in your home have been disturbed and I believe someone may have entered your home while you were gone I will notify the police.

Home Safety

It is your responsibility to pet proof any areas of your home that your pets will have access to when you are gone. This includes all indoor areas of your home where you may not want your pet to go. All dog gates and doors should be checked before your departure. As well as any outdoor areas such as your outside fence, gate, and latches and other devices meant to keep your pet(s) contained. Any injuries your pet may sustain or any damages done to your home is the sole responsibility of you, the pet owner. Love on a Leash Pet Care Service  will not be held liable.

Pet Safety & Security

For my Safety and your pet’s safety I reserve the right to refuse service for any animal that is unhealthy or that I am not able to manage in a safe way, in addition to aggressive animals who may be a danger to themselves, toward people, or other animals. You, as the pet’s owner, are responsible for any action taken by your pet that causes damage or harm to other people, pets, or property. I do not assume or accept responsibility or liability for any pet that is lost or injured due to being left in, or given access to a fenced (electronic or otherwise) outside area. Because of my love & caring for animals and their welfare in living conditions, I cannot care for your pets if they are chained or tethered on short leads, or crated for long periods of time.

Illness & Disease

Please let me know of any medical conditions your pet may have, including allergies or illnesses prior to service. I want to make sure your pet will receive the best care possible while in my care. If your pet(s) requires medication or shots an additional charge may apply. However if your pet suffers from separation anxiety or needs its condition monitored constantly, please consider boarding them with your vet. I am happy to provide daily walking service for your pet(s) while it is being boarded for additional attention if your boarding facility allows it.



Payment Terms

Payment is required in full prior to, or at the time of, any single service. If you have reserved a single daily service for multiple times within the same week, payment in full is required at the time of the first service.

Payment Type

I will accept cash and checks as payment for services. Please make checks payable to Love On A Leash Pet Care. Returned checks will be charged $25.00 plus any bank fees incurred. 

Payment Terms for Vacation Care

A 50% deposit must be paid at the time of booking to hold your reservation, the balance must be paid the day service starts. Because of unexpected delays in your travel plans,  you MUST CALL me  if you want me to continue to care for your pet(s), You will be charged for the additional care, failure to inform me of your delay  will result in no care for your pets! 

Failure To Pay

Please take note!!! Without payment and a signed service agreement prior to my first service, I will have no choice but to leave your home without caring for your pet. For your pet’s safety and welfare, should this occur during a vacation booking, the proper authorities will be notified that your pet(s) is home unattended.